Questions you may have about wisdom teeth extractions and sleep dentistry

Making the decision to undergo a wisdom tooth extraction procedure is not always straightforward. There wisdom teeth impactionare several factors to take into consideration, such as cost, choosing a dentist or surgeon, risks and benefits and type of anaesthetic.

Our friendly Perth team will guide you through each stage of the surgery, ensuring you are as comfortable as possible. If your wisdom tooth/teeth are not impacted and have small roots, your procedure may be similar to having any normal tooth extracted. If the teeth are decayed, infected, unerupted (under the gum) or impacted, a minor or more advanced oral surgery is often required. Your dentist would make an incision to expose the wisdom tooth, often remove a little of the overlying bone and section the tooth into pieces, in order to remove it as quickly and with as little surgical trauma as possible. The site is then cleaned and dissolving stitches are applied. Every case is approached differently with a technique best suited to the case, and your dentist will discuss an appropriate technique for your wisdom teeth with you at your consultation.

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