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Wisdom Teeth Removal Perth

A problem wisdom tooth (or an infected one), just like other teeth, can be removed simply. To extract your impacted wisdom tooth, we need to reflect away the gum tissue from the jaw bone. It may mean that your dentist at Wisdom Tooth Dentist Perth will section your wisdom tooth into pieces. A small window of bone may be removed, so the pieces can then also be removed. This is called a surgical tooth removal, and afterwards, your dentist will clean and check your gum, and then close it back with stitches.

In some patients, wisdom teeth may have roots related to the nerve of their lower lip and jaw, or the sinus in their upper jaw. Your dental surgeon at Wisdom Tooth Dentist Perth will explain if this can pose any risks, and will tell you what to expect.
Our Perth dentists are experienced in minor orgal surgery, and we have performed thousands of wisdom tooth extraction procedures efficiently and routinely.

This happens in-house, under IV Sedation (also called Sleep Dentistry).

Perth’s Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry centre offers a comprehensive, professional and advanced approach to dental implantology.

At Wisdom Teeth Removal Perth, we have built particular expertise and experience in minor oral surgery procedures such as wisdom teeth removals. We have two endorsed dental sedation practitioners on the team, a GP anaesthetist, and an experienced dental implant and sedation team.

This expertise in procedures with patients who have complex treatment needs, helps us perform your wisdom tooth removal efficiently, in a purpose equipped clinic with state-of-the-art monitoring systems.

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