*Capped Fee of $1699 applies to removal of 3-4 wisdom teeth, whether erupted or un-erupted, and whether surgical or non-surgical removal is required (simple or complex), in most but not all cases (pending consultation). Fee includes I.V. Sedation (where indicated) by qualified and experienced professionals, allowing the patient to snooze through the procedure. Sedation is performed in-house without needing a hospital booking. Fee includes pre-operative consultation and OPG x-ray (if required). Wisdom Package Fee is reduced where 1-2 wisdom teeth only require removal. Conditions apply.

Are your wisdom teeth causing pain, swelling, crowding or other problems?
Impacted_wisdom_teeth_opgHas your dentist advised that you need your wisdom teeth removed? Our dedicated Perth team can provide you with the expertise you need to manage your wisdom teeth. Our Perth Wisdom Teeth team aims to make management/removal of problematic or impacted wisdom teeth as affordable, comfortable, straightforward and convenient as possible.



3 Things to Know Before Wisdom Teeth Removal

Be best prepared for your surgery by making an informed decision about:

1. Your Cost | Find out your expected cost with a quote. Does it include sedation/anaesthesia or is that an extra cost? We make wisdom teeth costs easy with our capped Wisdom Package fee which includes sedation (where appropriate). We aim to be the most affordable expert wisdom teeth removal service in Perth.
2. Your Surgeon | Choose an experienced and qualified dental surgeon. Our team of general dentists with oral surgery expertise have performed thousands of wisdom teeth removals and oral surgeries in the comfort of IV sedation in our facilities. They will assess what treatment is required for you, and discuss any risks involved. Our team understands that the procedure can be daunting for some, and works to help patients with patience, gentleness and understanding.
3. Your Anaesthetic | We will advise you if your procedure is simple enough to perform under local anaesthetic, or if you would benefit from the ease and anxiety-free, memory-free and pain-free experience of IV sedation for your procedure. You can avoid a hospital booking and still snooze comfortably through your procedure with IV Sedation.
Wisdom Teeth Problems

Wisdom-teeth-problemsWisdom teeth are our third molars, and teh last teeth develop – either late in adolescence or in adulthood. For many of us, they don’t fit properly into the available jaw bone and can become impacted in the bone or gum.

Impacted wisdom teeth (those that don’t fit in the jaw properly or are erupting at the wrong angle) are more likely to cause problems. Most often this can be decay in the wisdom tooth, or an infection of the gum or bone (peri-coronitis). Sometimes they can also cause resorption or other diseases of bone or adjacent tooth structures.

Although impacted wisdom teeth are most likely to cause problems, even those that have erupted normally from the gum can sometimes become infected or decayed, as their location can make them difficult to clean correctly. Some wisdom teeth are best removed as a preventative measure before they cause these problems, whilst there are others which we may advise you to leave as they are unlikely to cause problems.

It’s also important to understand that not all wisdom teeth need removal. Your dentist can best advise you of the pros and cons of keeping or removing your wisdom teeth.
Our team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional treatment and care

Your Perth Wisdom Teeth Dentists

Our team is highly experienced in wisdom teeth removal and oral (dento-alveolar) surgery, utilising our unique in-house sedation and surgery clinic to ensure a comfortable experience for you. Our dental surgeons and dental sedationists are supported by a great team of registered nurses, dental assistants and support staff who all make sure to support you in the best way they can both before, during and after your procedure. All wisdom tooth extraction surgeries are performed in the comfort of our well-appointed facility in Subiaco by our highly qualified and experienced wisdom teeth team. Your wisdom teeth dentists are UWA qualified with further postgraduate qualification in pain control and sedation, and the experience of thousands of wisdom teeth extractions and sedation procedures.

Dr Misagh Habibi
Dr Misagh Habibi

BDSc (UWA), GradDipClinDent (Sedation) (Syd.), MSc (Oral Implantology) (Frankf.), FICOI.

Services: Advanced dental implantology, oral (dento-alveolar) surgery, IV sedation.

Dr Vivian Mascarenhas
Dr Vivian Mascarenhas

BDSc, BSc (Hons) (UWA), GradDipClinDent (Sedation) (Syd).

Services: Oral (dento-alveolar) surgery, wisdom teeth extraction, sleep dentistry, dental implants, IV sedation.

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